Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revamped Soups and Chrome Bag Review

This week Ben and I haven't really made anything new. It is freezing here and all we want to eat is warm soup. Tuesday Ben made one our our favorite soups... split pea soup. I love this split pea soup recipe because it is chunky without loosing its soupy qualities. I love the barley and the carrots. Check out the recipe here.

Yesterday Ben made taco soup, another favorite in our house. Last time we made it we used two little jalapenos including the ribs and seeds and it was SUPER hot. Almost too hot... So this time he got one big jalapeno and tossed the ribs and seeds. Just perfect. He also added about a cup of wild rice to the recipe and used the rest of our dehydrated tvp instead of seitan. Both modifications worked great. I really like the addition of the wild rice and couldn't really tell the difference between the tvp and seitan. Check out the recipe here.

So since we didn't make anything super interesting I thought I  would write up a little non-food product review. One of my favorite vegan products is.... dah-dah! MY CHROME BAG! Yay! I currently have a Chrome Mini-Metro Messenger Bag in orange and grey. Not ONLY are Chrome bags 100% vegan, but they are made in the USA! What a great deal. My Chrome bag fits all of my stuff and has lots of cool pockets for all kinds of stuff. While it doesn't have a designated laptop compartment it has a thin pocket in the front that runs the length of my bag that is the exact size of my neoprene laptop case. While normally I use it for my school/work bag I have also taken it hiking with me and it is just perfect for snacks and a camera. Since the bag itself is super light it works for just about anything. I also really like that it is 100% waterproof (awesome for rain and snow) and is fully lined. This means if my lunch container pops open while I am walking/biking to school it doesn't drip down my back. Woo! That brings up another point - though the bag is design for bikers it is just fine for walking and hiking. I find the padded strap super comfortable and the underarm strap just gives an added security. ANYWAY, enough about bags. Below are some pictures of the bag I have (colors and all) I pulled off Chrome's website. I also included the link to the bag in case someone is interested!


  1. That taco soup sounds so good! It is just about soup season here and I want to try something like that.

  2. Its freezing in the West of Scotland too, so do you mind sending me some of that lovely looking soups, but I am liking the sound of the Taco soup - so original and flavours that appeal to my tastebuds. It looks very heary and packed with flavour.

  3. That split pea soup is lookin' awesome. Cheers!