Monday, January 10, 2011

Exercise Goals: Week 2

Last week's goals were pretty modest—just keep my heart rate in my target zone for 20 minutes 5 days last week. Unfortunately I didn't even meet my own modest goals :/ I slacked off two days during the week thinking I could make it up on the weekend. I worked out Saturday early before Ben and I left on our anniversary vacation and had every intention of working out Sunday night when we got back, but we didn't end up getting back until like 10 pm and I had to do French homework for class this morning. Sooooo only a 4/5 last week. On Sunday we did walk around for probably four hours, which is good, but I am still sad I didn't meet my goals. Ben also didn't meet his goals since both of us didn't get back until late, but he did do a cardio workout with push ups four days last week. I'm not sure how many he can do now... I will have to ask.

Do you know what this MEANS?! Ben and I didn't get to make the marbled brownies we were planning on making last week! I'm super depressed. It ALSO means we can't eat out until the end of February! Wow, this is super harsh. My self-imposed punishments are definitely effective.

Goals for week 2

Meggie: Try again. Keep my heart rate in my target zone for 20 minutes 5 days this week.

Ben: TBA

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