Sunday, January 23, 2011

Exercise Goals: Week 4

Last week Ben and I met our goals! So last night we baked some yummy brownies and topped them with some vanilla almond ice cream and watched Au Revoir, Les Enfants.

Last week I started the Couch-to-5k running program, which was tough. Not tough because of the workouts themselves, but because of my old leg injury :/ It started acting up again after my first day of jogging and by the end of the day that day I was immobile. SO I took the next day off and then decided I would do the same intervals with my heart rate in the same place as when I had done the jogging intervals, but on the stationary bike. It worked really well, and I don't have any leg pain! Yay! This week I will probably just do the intervals on either the elliptical or the bike.

Ben lifted every day this week! Yay! Sadly, he was really only sore one or two of the days. SO, this week, harder workouts! More burnout!

This week we are both starting the 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge. Thursday I got my first issue of Yoga Journal and though everyone else started the challenge on January 10, it really doesn't matter when you start since all of the videos are online. What is great about the challenge is it is supposed to help those who have let yoga slip out of their lives because of various factors (me), or those who are having a hard time getting back into yoga because of expectations (me), old habits (me), or time constraints (me! me!). The plan is that Mondays you do a 45 minute yoga session and then every day you do a 15-20 m session either when you wake up or before bed. Ben and I both think this will be a positive way to bring yoga back into our lives, and a healthy addition to our workout routines. Yay for yoga!

Meggie: Do the Couch-to-5k running plan workouts (3 days). Start the 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge.

Ben: Start the 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge. Lift 5 days this week and eat AT LEAST 3,000 calories a day.

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  1. Anytime you begin to form or re-form exercise habits it's such work. Good luck and stick with it. I've been doing Tai-chi and intervals on my stationary bike, also struggling with a knee injury but it's paying off. Also, we haven't had an egg in the house for over a month and we haven't even missed it. Who knew? LOL.

  2. good job on c25k! i am going to try the yoga!