Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to Goblin Valley

Last weekend Ben and I went on a three-day camping trip to Goblin Valley. Goblin Valley is a pretty cool state park, but what's even cooler is it's right on the edge of the San Rafael Swell which means there are a ton of awesome hikes just minutes away. Ben and my favorite hike in that area is the Bell/Little Wild Horse Canyon loop. It's a 9-mile loop that goes through two slot canyons with classic narrow spaces (1.5 feet being about the narrowest), pools of stagnant water, and lots of boulders to scramble over.

What's crazy about Goblin Valley is that is gets booked out MONTHS in advance. We made the reservation back in January and it basically the only weekend that was available. It's understandable, though, because the campground is super nice with bathrooms and showers and the Valley of Goblins is amazing and easy for anyone to walk through.

Anyway, enough PR. We made the reservation back in January and were a little worried coming up on the weekend because the forecast said rain. It actually turned out to be perfect weather because it's wasn't scorching hot like it usually is in the Utah deserts this time of year. It was overcast and mostly cool, though slightly muggy. At night we had to keep the fly on because there were intermittent rain showers, but it was windy enough that we weren't hot.

So we camped, got our wilderness fix, and burned some good calories. Though, before even going home to shower, we went to Vertical Diner for some greasy vegan food and probably ate 2x as much as we burned ;) But thats ok! It was an awesome weekend!

Oh, and watch for a post about the food we ate while we were there! Tin foil dinners with the newest revelation in vegan meats, Beyond Meat Chick'n, were on the menu!

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